Old Gold

11 years ago

Old Gold
Old Gold

In a time where an unstable economy and an uncertain economic future dominates most people’s minds, selling old jewelry and unwanted gold can become a money making venture. Many people are finding old jewelry boxes and rummaging through their basements and attics and finding dollars and cents were previously they only found pieces of jewelry that are reminiscent of the 1980s and gaudy pieces that they can not believe ever graced their body. Selling these pieces becomes the best option.

There are plenty of options on how and where to sell these pieces; pawn and consignment shops, jewelry dealers, online auctions, yard sales, and craft shows are just a few options that people use. Let us briefly explore each of these options with pros and cons listed.

Pawn/Consignment Shops

Pawn shops are the oldest stand-by in selling old gold and jewelry. You can find these shops in every major city in the United States, and they will gladly buy any unwanted belongings. The amount of money to be made at these shops is fairly less than other options, but you can rest assured that you will leave the same day with cash in hand.

Jewelry Dealers

Jewelry dealers can pad your wallet a little bit more than the other options, mostly because they are going to pay you the market value as far as your unwanted pieces go by weight, as long as the dealer is going to recycle your old pieces into new. Paying close attention to the market and knowing the prices that precious metals are selling that day can assure you that you are getting the best deal.

Online Auctions

There are many popular sites on the web that you can sell items at auction. This is a piece of the jewelry market that is relatively new but can be lucrative if you find the right buyer. It is amazing what people are willing to pay for items that are considered old and outdated to you. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of money that people are willing to spend on items they find on online auctions.

Gold Refiners

Gold refiners offer the best option by far for selling your old gold and jewelry. Gold refiners offer you the opportunity to sell your gold without even leaving your home. In the past few years, selling old gold to refiners has become increasingly popular, due to the ease of the process. Gold refiners allow you to request a free kit for sending in your jewelry in a safe, secure manner. The refiner then inspects the gold you have sent in, and makes you an offer on what they are willing to pay. You, of course, have the opportunity to review their offer before anything is finalized. Some refiners will even accept counteroffers on the price they are willing the pay. Once you agree on the payment, the refining company then sends you a check for the amount – and that’s it.

Selling old gold and jewelry is a great way to both remove clutter from your home, and pick up some extra cash with very little effort. With the way the economy has been going downhill lately, gold refiners and other selling outlets are an excellent way to increase your income while getting rid of unwanted jewelry at the same time.

Visit theresagold.blogspot.com for insights from Theresa Gold, a South Florida gold expert.

Patty Flory is a 38 year young lady from South Florida. She’s been living here all her life and has many friends in the gold and jewelry industry’s.

Visit http://www.theresagold.blogspot.com for insights from Theresa Gold, a South Florida gold expert.

How do you melt old gold jewelry into a nugget?

Is it worth it…What tools do I need?

Most jewelry is worth more as a piece of jewelry than the worth by weight.

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