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9 years ago

One Yard
One Yard

How do I get my Saint Bernard to poop in one spot of the yard?

I have a 9 month old St. who has been very easily trainable. One thing I have not mastered is getting him to poop in ONE spot of the yard. I have a half acre of lawn and it is now one monster war zone of cow patties! Please help!!! (He is completely potting trained to go outside, does not need any instruction on keeping the indoors dry).

Warning: it sounds silly. Worked for my Shepherd mix, and my Corgi, though.
Whenever you take him out, take him to that spot. The days of just opening the door and letting him out are over, for the time being. Should he slip up an go in another area of the yard, move the fecal matter to the area you want him to go, and spray the spot he went with a special pet odor eliminator. The scent of his own droppings encourages him to go in that spot.
Hope that helps- or more importantly- makes sense.

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