Origami Folding

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Origami Folding
Origami Folding

In 100 AD, when origami was first invented, designing the piece took serious effort and planning because paper was not cheap. The artist had to envision the finished piece emerging from a single flat piece of paper as a fully realized three-dimensional piece of art. At first, this was a very difficult task and only true masters could do it.

As time progressed and more and more people were able to enjoy the practice of origami, books were written detailing how to make different pieces. Especially now, with the Internet, if you do a search for origami, you will find endless sites on how to make this or that but very little about learning how to design these incredible pieces of art.

Now, because of computers, you can have all of this done for you. One such program called Tree Maker is a free bit of software, which allows you to do the design on your computer. Just because this software is available doesn’t mean you can just download it and off you go. It requires a good knowledge of origami as well as mathematics and computers. It’s a bit confusing but it can crank out some awesome designs.

When origami was first introduced to the world, a complex piece may have had about 30 or so different folds in it. These days, because of computers and advanced mathematics, pieces can easily have 300 or more folds on a single piece of paper. Looking at one of these diagrams is confusing if you don’t understand it. All it looks like are a bunch of lines all over a piece of paper in some odd pattern.

In reality, it makes the paper into amazing things like bugs, animals, people and anything else you can think of. The problem is getting to the point of understanding the folds on the paper to know when to fold what and which way to fold it.

Honestly, just looking at the folding patterns on the paper before it is turned into origami is almost as amazing as the finished product. This is especially true if you love math and the origination of lines and graphs that come with a love of higher mathematics and how numbers translate into images. However, you don’t need to know all that stuff in order to create truly amazing origami.

People have been designing and folding paper for centuries before computers were even imagined in any way. This is an ancient art and, if you really want to get into origami, learning how to do it the old fashioned way would be wise. Without this type of knowledge from the beginning, you would be ignoring the rich history and skill involved in creating these wonderful pieces of art from single pieces of paper.

Start with something simple and familiar – a paper airplane. Did you know folding a paper airplane is considered to be origami and there are people who make these so complex they can fly in the air for up to a minute at a time? So grab a piece of paper and fire up your imagination and start folding.

Origami is not just folding paper cranes. Download our free report at http://www.origamiblueprint.com/ and learn the basics. How to start? Read this blog post http://origamiblueprint.com/blog/how-to-get-started-with-origami/

What’s the Dept. of Treachery doing about Origami businesses from folding up?

They are folding them into banks and filling them up with money, but leaving a door on the bottom where it seems to trickle out.

How to Fold a Flat Cloth Diaper Origami Style for a Good Fit

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