Oval Beads

11 years ago

Oval Beads
Oval Beads

please help me, this has been bothering me a while and I know its noticeable?

my breasts are quite hard, when I touch them to see why there is like a big, thickish hard oval in each breast, but sometimes it is irregular shaped and it seems to have fat beads on it but its hard so I dont think its fat. Its there all year round so I dont think its anything to do with my period. When I press on it its quite tender but it doesnt squash, only the thin layer of breast moves a tiny bit before it hits the hard part? What is this? I know its noticeable because I asked my very close freind if she could tell if she hugged me proper and she said sorta, which upset me abit because they have been like this so long. :/

What you’re feeling are your mammary glands. They are the glands that sit inside each breast, and which produce milk when you have a baby. Some women have larger glands than others, but all women find that their glands develop considerably during puberty.

They will feel hard and a bit lumpy – that’s normal. They are actually made up of lots of small glands stuck together.

Don’t panic. All women have them. 🙂 If they are roughly the same in both breasts, then you’re quite normal.

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