Paint Colors

11 years ago

Paint Colors
Paint Colors

What colors of paint would look best in a room with a lot of wood trim?

it’s a golden brown color, like the color of a loaf of baked bread. It’s a small room (12 x 15) that we use as a playroom/family room. I have a really hard time choosing paint colors!

I have a lot of wood trim throughout my home and I find most colors do look good with the trim work.
But, in particular, I find that greens and golden yellows look the best. Tans do not look good at all.

Take a trip to the paint store and pick up a fist load of paint chips in shades of sage green and golden yellow tones. When you get home, line up all the paint chips in your room to be painted. Now, quickly remove and set aside any paint chips that you do not like. Take only 30 seconds to do this. Then do it again until you are left with only a few or several paint chips. This process of elimination will leave you with the paint colors you like the most and will help you narrow down your choice. You may want to do this twice, once with one color and once with a second color. Then, compare the two colors to see which you like the best.

Sometimes you need some color inspiration to point you in the right paint color direction. Ask yourself, what am I putting in this room? What color is the biggest object (I assume this would be the couch). Or, is there an area rug with color you intend to use. Or, perhaps a painting or some art work for the walls. Maybe even a curtain you love could inspire your color choice. Sometimes it is easier to pick an object to base your color scheme non rather than paint a random color and then drive yourself nuts trying to find things to match the paint. Good Luck.

The Best Way to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home!

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