Painting Easel

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Painting Easel
Painting Easel

An Art Easel helps your kid’s imagination and interest in art to grow. It is a perfect tool to bring their creative thoughts to life. One of the best tools out there is the Crayola Magnetic Double Easel. Manufactured by Crayola, a trusted name in the children’s art space, this easel is a perfect educational toy for younger and older kids alike. It teaches the younger ones to use this easel for their artwork and not the walls. It also helps them to write their letters and sound out words to spell.

This double-sided easel allows up to two children to use it at the same time. It has a Dry Erase Board on one side, which also doubles up as a magnetic board. The other side is a chalkboard, which provides for a large work area.

This easel comes along with an eraser, a pack of 77 magnetic letters and numbers using which the kids use it for drawing, painting, writing on the chalkboard, white board or use it with magnets. On each side of the easel there are clips to hold the drawing paper still so that painting and coloring can be done without getting all over the place. It will keep them busy for a long time.

One of the great features of this easel is the storage bins that detach. The 4 detachable storage bins are very handy for holding art accessories like chalk and markers and other learning tools. If your kids are really into painting, you can squeeze finger-paint in these bins, put up paper (or tear out a page of one of those HUGE coloring books) and let them go on their mission. The bins detach easily for washing. This easel works great for paint because it is durable plastic and that you can just take it to the yard, do all the scrubbing and hose it off.

Assembling this easel is very easy. It literally takes 5 minutes to have this easel ready to use. Just snap the “hinges” into place, insert the bins, and prepare the chalkboard according to directions and it’s ready for the kids to give it a go. It is light weight and can be moved from room to room or outdoors and can provide hours of fun for your kids. It can also be folded easily and put away until ready to use.

Few things to keep in mind before using this double easel; first, the magnetic letters and numbers may appear small for younger kids, especially for the ones that put everything in their mouth. Parents should take care of this aspect; maybe buy a separate set of bigger magnetic letters and numbers.

Second, placing the easel on hardwood might make it slide when your kid uses it. Adding slip resistant pads to the bottom of the legs or moving it to a padded floor can solve this problem.

To sum it up, this easel is Sturdy, Easy to Clean and FUN.

For the best art easel reviews and buying guides from a real parent check out the Standing Easel Store. There you will find great reviews and buying tips on art easels like Crayola Double Easel and other quality products.

Easel Painting?

I find that there are so many benefits to painting and usually it’s easy to come up with variations. 🙂 However, I’m having a mind block, so I’ll pick your brain.

What types of variations have you used at the easel?

Has anyone followed a “program” from beginning of school year to end of school year…for easel painting?

1. Use something besides easel paper. Corrugated cardboard, newspaper, wallpaper samples and paper bags all work. If the surface is slick add a few drops of liquid soap to the paint.
2. Cut holes in the easel paper, then alternate cut and whole paper so it acts like a stencil.
3. Put lightweight collage items such as feathers and scraps of tissue paper near the easel so that the kids can stick them in the wet paint.
4. Use things besides brushes to paint with. Kitchen tools, pine cones and feathers, bottle, hair and toothbrushes, and fingers all work well.
5.Sometimes use liquid watercolors instead of tempera paint. The colors are more translucent.
The best easel experiences let the child decide what to paint. It works best as an unstructured activity, not one where you dictate what to paint. Remember- PROCESS NOT PRODUCT.

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