Painting Patterns

11 years ago

Painting Patterns
Painting Patterns

How to prepare wood panel for oil painting?

What exactly are the steps to seal the wood?

What is “sizing”, “oil primer”, “PVA”, “Gamblin ground”?

What happens if I only use gesso? Will the oil go through the gesso into the wood?

How about if I use only matte medium, is that enough to seal the wood? (because I prefer to allow the wood patterns to show)

The wood panel to be painted on is from an art supply store, smooth birch.

The gesso is (or should be) acrylic, so it will seal the wood sufficiently to oil paint on top.
PVA is Poly Vinyl Alchohol, and is generally used as a water soluble glue or fixative.
Sizing is a filler used on canvas to fill/seal the fibers to prevent stretching.
Oil Primer is an oil-based primer used over previously oil painted surfaces.
Gamblin ground is stiffer than acrylic gesso, and is used on canvas to provide a stiffer surface for painting. It is made of alkyds and minerals to give the painting surface “tooth” and opacity. You can use it on wood, but it is more expensive.

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