Papaver Somniferum

11 years ago

Papaver Somniferum
Papaver Somniferum

Papaver Somniferum Q&A?

Hello. It is legal where I am, worry not.
I bled some pods of their milk, but found it to
be not enough and not really efficient…
ive seen several things about either drying those pods,
crushing them, and making a tea, or grinding the pods up
and using Methanol or some sort of alcohol to actually cook
it into smokable opium. Does anyone know the best route to go with
these pods? Also, if tea is made, does it require a bit of lemon juice, or something
to pull out those alkaloids? Any and all comments, except condescending, or negative ones, are welcome… and for the record, id like the end result to be more of an OC feeling, as opposed to morph or codeine. Naive to fresh poppies, folks. All info is appreciated. Thanks.
I should add that it IS, indeed, the real papaver sominiferum plant. I am 100% on this.

Most opium poppies are actually of the ornamental varieties and contain little alkaloid. I heard you can make a tea out of the pod or seeds but that it makes you nauseated. I also heard you can extract the alkaloids with alcohol. But like I said, if it is an ornamntal variety you’ll have a very poor extract.


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