Paper Bag

11 years ago

Paper Bag
Paper Bag

Does any one know where to find brown paper bag flooring info?

I’m sorry to seem so redundant but I am looking for ANY info on doing brown paper bag flooring including directions, what type of polyurethane(sp?) to use, where I can find pictures or video links etc… anyones help would be appreciated!!!!

I just finished doing this to my floors. It looks wonderful. It is rather time consuming and I can explain the whole process to you.

I used a roll of brown paper that you can get from Lowes for $10.00 a roll. I used wallpaper paste to glue it to the slab. I bought a rather large bucket of ready made paste also from Lowes. You need to dilute the paste with some water to make it work. Mix the water and pasted in a separate bucket. Make it runny enough to dip a torn piece of paper into it. Smooth the piece out completely onto the floor. No air pockets underneath. Continue doing this overlapping each piece to cover the slab below until you cover the whole floor. Make sure to wet the whole piece in the water/glue mixture or the paper will ripple. Let it dry. It took me two days to do my den and a short hall. I then took a sea sponge roller with water based wood stain and went over the whole floor to give color variations. Make sure you get most of the stain out of the roller before you put it onto the paper or the paper will just be colored dark brown. More like dry painting. Let this dry.
I put Minwax Fast Drying Clear Gloss polyurethane (oil based)
for the finish. I put 4 coats on. Letting it dry about 6 hours before putting on each coat. It will really smell bad and you need to vent. After the last coat you have to let it harden for about 3 to 4 days before you move furniture onto it. You can email me if you need to. If you can

Fiona Apple – Paper Bag

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