Paper Dolls

11 years ago

Paper Dolls
Paper Dolls

How do you make folding paper dolls that you cut out?

I am looking to make a row of ‘dancing’ dolls that you cut out of paper. Can anybody help?

There are lots of ways, but the easiest is to start with a long strip of paper and lay it on the ground/table running directly away from you (so you sit at one end of it). Take hold of that end and fold a short length (sufficient to make a square) such that it lands on top of the strip. Then flip the strip over so that the square is on the bottom. Repeat so that the whole length is concertinaed up forming a square with folds at either side. Then draw a basic human shape on the front making sure that the ends of the arms and legs touch the sides with the folds. Cut the shape out (leaving the edges where the arms and feet touch uncut).

As you unfold, you should have a strip of dolls.

For more ideas and the full explanation try the following link.

Paper Dolls Live at Music Speaks 2010

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