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japanese wedding kimono, should it be simple or has a lot of embroidery?

Im looking to buy vintage japanese wedding kimono, uchikake. but I just wonder since they have a lot of detail, I want it to be a really traditional.
anyone know how to suspect which one is a real vintage and traditional kimono? or the modern?
what about the pattern? should it be a lot more pattern or just a simple crane pattern?

please help.

thank you!

Do you want a modern one or an antique? Many antique uchikake do not have much embroidery on them — there may be some at the hem and on the ends of the sleeves. Many modern ones, on the other hand, have a lot of embroider, woven designs, sections with painted designs, etc. Some even have attached rhinestones. There are many kinds of patterns and they don’t all involve cranes. Mine, for example, has fans, several kinds of flowers, and ducks. Not a crane in sight. And no, they don’t have to be white — there are lovely white ones out there but there are plenty of colored ones too.

I would suggest going through sites like Ichiroya, Yamatoku, and Ryu Japan/Shinei to get an idea of what’s out there, how much they all cost, and the differences between modern and vintage or antique uchikake. Ichiroya usually has a couple of antique ones floating around, though their modern selection is much larger.

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