Pcs Antiqued

11 years ago

Pcs Antiqued
Pcs Antiqued

how antique is this PC ?

i live in india and i assembled this PC in Feb 2007
pentium D820 2.8 GHz
512 MB ddr1
asus mobo with 865G intel chipset .( with intel extreme graphics 2 )
i know it is backward but i did not know any better…. then i do now . i have studied up extensively on configurations .
if i want to play quake 3 is this ok if i make RAM total 1 GB that is add 512 more ? the mobo seller told me then that integrated graphics is better . now if i want to change it i have to ( for a new graphics card ) change power supply too because the D820 is 90nm design and consumes a lot of power .
please help i am devastated .. ois this enough to play Quake 3 ?

Compared to game pc , your pc is a little antique. CPU’s slow, not enough RAM and graphic memory. Don’t upgrade it buy new one if you can afford.

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