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Pearl Loose
Pearl Loose

If you trade a pokemon will you loose the bond?

Pokemon Pearl
If someone wants to borrow a pokemon, and then give it back to you, will you loose your bond with that pokemon?

If you know of a website that shows proof that would be great as well.

Thanks for your time.
Skitty thank you for this information. I think that it is best not to borrow because of this. Thank you for taking the time to look up these things for me. 😀

Yes. Upon trading, a Pokemon’s happiness is reset to its base level, so think carefully before you trade if you want to avoid the circumstances.

Okay, since there’s some discrepancy, I’ll offer you proof.

This is Bulbapedia’s full article on happiness. You can see, starting in generation II, trading resets happiness. This continued through the generations.

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