Pencil Set

11 years ago

Pencil Set
Pencil Set

I would like to talk to someone about some pencil sketches I have from the set of a “Topper” film.?

when you say “talk” do you mean discuss them and their content? find out how much they are worth? sell them?

if you want to sell them, research them with someone who buys and sells television memorabilia. You can also find an appraiser (who will do the work for you and charge you accordingly, then give you an estimated value.) Then you can either sell them on e-bay or go thru a gallery who sell this type of item – they generally take it on consignment and charge you at least 40% of the selling price.

The value may be more if the artist has signed and numbered them and if you have some provenance (receipts, history of how you obtained them, a story about them or the person who drew them, or photographs of this person with you or the person who originally obtained them etc.)

good luck

Mini Haul (UD 15 Year Anniversary 24/7 Eye Pencil)

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