Pendant Charm

10 years ago

Pendant Charm
Pendant Charm

I want some info about a type of pendant/charm that used to belong to my grandfather.?

Size is only about 1″x1″. It looks to be bronze? It is a penis & testicles with a set of attached wings. Also has a round eyelet for a necklace chain or to attach to something? My grandfather was in WWII and did possess a couple nazi type items (I was told).

Penis charms are can be used for protection as it represents God, a phallic symbol. Strong and masculine. It can be also to attract men (to the wearer not the charm :P). In eastern culture, they actually have penis alters where expectant mothers give offerings in hopes that their child be blessed with a large and pleasing member.

If she got it while WWII my guess would be that it was for protection, but it could of also been for money/prosperity. It’s also a money charm.

Shadow Storm

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