Pendant Sterling

11 years ago

Pendant Sterling
Pendant Sterling

Can I use a sterling silver chain with a white gold pendant?

Long story short, I bought my GF a 14k white gold heart pendant a while ago and it came with one of those like cheapy chains (dont even think its 14k). I was wondering if I could use a sterling silver necklace with the pendant or would it a)look off b)damange the pendant. Id get a 14k necklace but i cant afford the $200-300 at this moment =[
@Miku, yea we’ve been together for two years, pretty sure its real haha..
also ive heard that silver tarnishes/turns green/black? and insight on that?

I don’t see why not?
If you’ve got a REAL gf(meaning true) then she shouldn’t be all dramatically concerned. Or better yet, tell her you’ll get a better one in the future.

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