Petite Blythe

11 years ago

Petite Blythe
Petite Blythe

Full Size Blythe Doll or Petite Blythe Doll?

I’m a first time buyer and I’ve pondered for a long time if I can spare the expense to buy a Blythe doll. So, the question is, are the petite Blythe dolls just as lovely as the full sized Blythe dolls? Which one should I get?

I would say if you are going to buy one, do it right! I would opt for the full size Blythe doll with changing eyes. Look in to which one you would prefer before investing, as there were so many made with slight differences. Be patient, do your research, check many options on where to purchase, and you should be able to get one at a fairly decent price.
Off subject, but an interesting option: A much cheaper alternative would be to purchase a “Little Big Eyes” doll, which are very similar to Blythe (then you could play around with that one and decide if you like the style of doll she is). You can get one as cheap as $20 + shipping on Ebay if you are patient.
Pullip dolls are also very interesting, similar in some ways, and can be a bit cheaper, but IMHO they tend to fall apart, especially when re-dressing them (you can put them right back together, but just want to warn you of the Pullip doll construction)

Petite Blythe -Intensive Care

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