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11 years ago

Photo Frame
Photo Frame

Should I buy my mother a digital photo frame and put my sisters pictures in it?

My sister passed away about 8 years ago. I am thinking about buying a digital photo frame and putting pictures of my sister in it to give to my parents for christmas. Do you think it would be too much or would it be a good idea?

Its a nice idea i think.

Of course it would be emotional when they see all the pictures, id say put some of you in aswell, with your sister maybe, or ones of your parents with her and you.. so it isnt all about your sister.

Only you know your parents though, it may be to much for them, but then again it may be somthing they would love to have about the house to look at and smile.

I think you should go for it though, its a lovley sweet idea. also you could write a little letter to them and stick it with the frame. just saying that you love them and care, and that you are proud of everything theyve done for you etc. just somthing to make them happy and smile.

hope ive helped=]

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