Picture Framing

11 years ago

Picture Framing
Picture Framing

where would I get picture framing equipment from ?

I produce photos which I would like to sell professionally, what equipment would I need to start framing my own pictures. Such as frames, mounts, glass and the general set up ? thanks for any sensible answers ?

Frames, mounts, glass and backing tape… as well as the photos.

Rather than making the frames and cutting mounts, you would be better off buying a load of them, off the shelf, with mounts… so you just insert your photo. Don’t go mad though, just buy a few and backfill when they have sold.

If you can’t find mounts the size and colour you want then maybe get them cut to size by a local framer, tricky to do well without the equipment though, so leave it to those that have it… the equipment costs a fair bit and best off leaving the possibility of lots of expensive practice to them! Also if you go see a framer, you will be able to try out various colours with the mount board, which is always good.

That’s my thinking on it anyway.

All About Picture Framing : How to Frame Pictures in a Modern Framing Machine

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