Pigment Ink

11 years ago

Pigment Ink
Pigment Ink

does my hp designjet 30 use dye or pigment ink?

i am thinking of installing ciss on my hp30 but can only see dye systems available and thought this printer uses pigment inks. i am worried that changing will involve installin new printheads

The CISS is not a dye system it’s an ink supply system that mostly just come with dye based inks as most printers use dye inks and bulk dye ink is more readily available than pigment. You match the ink to the ink in your original cartridges were possible.

If yours takes pigment then try to source pigmented ink to go into the CISS.

You can’t change the print head for a different one that takes different ink only for the same one you have know.

You can use dye ink but it may not give the same results as your pigment ink did. Nor does pigmented ink give the same results where dye based ink is to be used. Neither is better that the other they both have advantages and advantages.

According to the item in link your printer uses dye based inks.

Pigment to Ink

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