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Pillow Fabric
Pillow Fabric

RE: How would you go about “attaching” a latch hook rug to fabric for a pillow?

Does the iron on hem tape work well for attaching the latch hook rug to a pillow?

Will sewing be better? If so, what stitch would you use?

I think iron-on hem tape would be really hard to use for this project, and I don’t think it would hold well.

I’d sew it, instead. You probably have a piece of fabric the same size as the hooked material. Put the two together, wrong sides together. That means that the fuzzy part is touching the good side of the backing.

If it were me doing it, at this point I would pin the two layers together, then ‘baste’ the two layers together carefully, so as not to catch the wool tufts in the stitching. ‘Basting’ is temporary hand-stitching to replace the pins, so you can do the permanent sewing more easily. Whether you sew it by hand (I’d use a small ‘backstitch) or by machine (my choice) doesn’t really make a difference. Sew three of the four sides together, then turn it inside-out (which now means that the fuzzy side is out, like you’d want it finished. Now you can put the filling inside. Then, turn in the raw edges of the last side, and sew them together by hand.

This sounds a lot more complex to describe than it is in the doing. If you ask anyone who sews, they can show you without any trouble. In my small town, I’d ask the ladies in a fabric or crafts shop, or in the fabric/crafts section of WalMart.

It’ll be a soft, cosy pillow to cuddle up with, this winter!

How to Make Decorative Pillows : Fabric Options for Making Decorative Pillows

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