Pink Roses

11 years ago

Pink Roses
Pink Roses

which lilies are better oriental or orange ones, and pink roses or red ones.?

ild prefer a girl to answer cos i guess they know more about flowers.

Actually, my husband is the expert, not me. You’re talking about Asiatic lilies vs. Daylilies. Asiatic lilies are easier to find, but daylilies are easier to grow. They come in all the colors of the rainbow, too, not just the orange ones. They also spread in clumps, so if you have an area like a steep embankment that you need to cover, they’re good. Roses are purely a matter of choice.

Now, if you mean which cut flowers should you give a woman, you’re on your own as far as lilies are concerned. All I know is that white Asiatic lilies would not be a good idea–they’re the ones you see at funerals and at Easter.

According to tradition, Red roses mean love, so if it’s someone you really care about, this would be the best choice. White roses mean friendship, too. My husband used to send me flowers on the 4th day of each month while we were dating, since we met on January 4th. When he sent roses, he would send a dozen red roses with a white rose in the center.

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