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Plaque Style
Plaque Style

Gifts for Employees?? What do you want to receive this year?

We already are doing the following:

– Christmas Party in early December(dinner theater comedy show, guest invited)
– Cash bonus
– $20 Gift card for their favorite grocery store (in lieu of turkeys, we don’t get a great response when we give turkeys anymore)
– Hallmark ornament customized to their personal hobbies
– Custom snowman wall plaque (
– Rainy Day Fund jar with a $50 gift card inside to their favorite store
– Continental Breakfast on 12/22

Not sure what else to give them. We always give gift baskets full of something. One year it was a breakfast theme with about $100 worth of stuff in it and a gift card. One year we did digital cameras. We thought this year we’d do 5-6 gifts around $10-20 each for each employee and hand them out one at a time (sort of “santa” style) under the tree. We only have 8 employees so it is managable.

Any ideas? We want to keep it personalized & useful for everyone – most employees are in their 40s or 50s.

Hohoho 🙂

A few ideas:
*Wine/spirit bottles
*Theater tickets
*Annual subscription to their favorite magazine
*Books related to the subject they like

More ideas at:

And at the bottom of this page, an article about ‘How to make the members of an official Christmas party socialize’

Antique English Georgian style (19th Cent) iron wall plaque

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