Plastic Bottles

11 years ago

Plastic Bottles
Plastic Bottles

Where can I recycle Plastic Bottles for cash in the Phoenix area?

I have a ton of plastic bottles that need to be recycled. I can not seem to find a place that is open and willing to pay for my collected plastic bottles. Any ideas, besides driving them to California from Phoenix, AZ?

If there are no recycling centers in your area to take them,, check the phone book, and then the local waste disposal companies, and finally the city hall- ask them “Why not?”
Get the city to start recycling and urge them to get something into place.
Companies recycle for a number of reasons, and some do not always pay, or not very well. You might have to go the route of getting your state to consider legislation that if throw away bottles are used, then there must be a refundable deposit placed on them to encourage recycling.
Be aware though, a number of communities are outlawing the disposable small bottles, as well as the plastic shopping bags!

Plastic Bottle Island

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