Plastic Bottles

11 years ago

Plastic Bottles
Plastic Bottles

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard about BPA plastic, and how it can leach out into the water you’re drinking if you use a plastic water bottle.

However, there are still quite a few bottles on the market that don’t contain BPA. So, if you’ve been asking yourself, “Are plastic water bottles eco friendly?”, the answer should be a resounding “Yes!” Just look for a plastic water bottle that’s advertised as BPA free – they’re available in a variety of fun styles and prints.

Eco friendly plastic water bottles are BPA free, and can filled again and again.

Individual bottles of water are awful for the environment – in fact, it takes more water to make the bottle than the bottle actually contains! The waste created is appalling, as most people who drink bottled water simply throw the bottle away, adding more and more trash to the landfills.

Imagine being able to add ice to your water bottle, run water from the tap, and go – knowing that your water will taste as fresher and as clean as bottled spring water.

You won’t have to worry “Are plastic water bottles eco friendly?”, instead, you’ll know you’re being green every time you fill up your bottle at the tap.

Installing a home water filter system will give you clean, pure water anytime you’d like, without purchasing bottled water.

Many types of filters – faucet filters, filtering pitchers, and even whole house filters allow you to have fresh tasting water, without the expense (and waste) of bottled water.

There are also many styles of eco friendly plastic water bottles.

Whether you’re looking for a rugged sports bottle or a classy designer bottle that you can take to the workplace, you can find it!

Gone are the days of ripping the label off a bottle of spring water and refilling it, advertising to everyone that you’re trying to save a buck. Instead, you can save the earth and look classy at the same time.

Many eco friendly plastic water bottles are either insulated themselves or come with an insulated carrier. Your water stays icy cold all day, and you have the convenience of an over the shoulder carry strap.

You’ll get the fresh, cold water you crave, without having to stop frequently to purchase bottled water. As an added benefit, you’ll save quite a bit of money by filling your water bottle at home. Convenience store bottled water costs over a dollar a bottle – cut out one bottle a day and you’re saving at least $365 a year!

So, stop asking yourself, “Are plastic water bottles eco friendly?” Instead, think of all of the trash you’re keeping out of the landfills by refilling your bottle at home.

By choosing a plastic water bottle and refilling it daily, you’re saving hundreds of dollars and reducing your environmental footprint. With the advent of eco friendly plastic water bottles, you can save the earth just by drinking your water – it’s never been easier to work towards a greener world.

For more information about bottled water and eco friendly plastic bottles, please visit my web site.

Terry Johnston — the baby boomer who researches the market for great products that will help other baby boomers maintain their health and wellness.

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Is it okay to keep my babies plastic bottles and nipples for the next babies?

They are NUK bottles plastic BPA free, and the nuk learner cup nipples. They are like $7 each. I am not going to have a baby for another two years, is it okay to keep these bottles for that long, or will they rot?

sure bottles are ok, nipples nothey are somewhat porous and harbor bacteria, they eventualy break down and dry rot

Are Plastic Bottles Safe?

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