Polymer Clay

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Polymer Clay
Polymer Clay

How would I make a mould from a polymer clay sculpture?

If I were to make a small sculpture using SuperSculpty and bake it, how would I go about making a mould for it so I could reproduce it to make several exact replicas? Would any kind of moulding material even work on a polymer clay like SuperSculpty?

either Sculpy of Fimo sells molding material to make molds of your pieces. It is white, almost translucent, and I found it in the display with the polymer clay. I have used it a few times. I keep it in a tin in the fridge between using it because the package said it works better chilled to get a perfect mold. then chill it again, and push the new softened polymer clay into it to make a cast from your mold, remove and bake it. It is a little expensive I think.

You can make a flexible mold of your piece with a package of mold making material available at your hobb/craft store in the same place where the plaster is sold. It is a two part material that you mix together (bright yellow) and push into place over your piece. It hardens almost immediately and you peel it off your small piece. Then if you want to push something hard into it like polymer clay, you have to make a plaster mother mold for it.

If you are casting with a liquid like newly mixed plaster you have to stabilize it somehow (I put some newspaper in a paper cup and laid the rubber mold on top of it so the lip hangs over the edge of the cup) I have done the same thing with a tube of silicone caulk. Oil your original with a little cooking oil or petroleum jelly (only a tiny bit, spread very thin!) lay it face up on a protected flat surface (wax paper on a table is fine) Using a caulking gun, push out small closed spirals of caulk, then pat it down with your fingers which have been dipped into a small dish of soapy water. Keep adding until piece is covered with caulk, and remember to add wide lip around the edge so you have some way to handle the mold. Let dry completely, then peel off piece. I let mine cure 24 hours before casting in it. Use the low odor caulk – this costs a little bit more, but much less stinky. I recommend you get a book on making molds at your local library in the arts and crafts section. This will make a lot more sense if you read about it and see photos.

Polymer Clay – Millefiori Project

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