Portable Tripod

12 years ago

Portable Tripod
Portable Tripod

small portable tripod for camera?

I have a sony camera that can also be used to record videos, and i want to be able to attach it onto my paintball gun, somewhere on the barrel. I am aware of the product called ‘gorilla grip’ or ‘gorillapod’ and i am looking for something like that but more of a clasp that will attach to the camera and then can attach to any other object. any ideas or names of products is appreciated.

Stick with a gorilla grip, it at least has a bit of “shock absorption”, if you hard mount your camera, the recoil will mess it all up!

Then use something like a “U” clamp to attach a polycarbonate piece of plastic to your barrel, to protect you camera. And put layers of “screen saver” type stuff over that so you can rip one after the other off, and not have to wipe, every time you get shot there!

And, yes, I know what you want. And could design it easily, but I’m trying to suggest how you could do it!

IM me if you want more details

Targus TG-42TT Portable Tripod Review and Test

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