Powder Coat

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Powder Coat
Powder Coat

Every person who runs a business knows the importance of keeping equipment well-maintained. Items such as ship parts are expected to be in top shape at all times. The military depends on their ships for so many things, and it is imperative that the ships are in proper working order at all times. Ship parts are coated using highly-specialized techniques with materials such as aluminum, zinc, stainless steel, and silver.

One of the methods of coating different parts of ships is the use of powder coatings, which are basically ground up bits of paint. Powder coatings are used for very large parts. The items to be coated are first sandblasted to remove any bits of paint, dirt, or other impurities that might affect the process of powder coating. Then they are baked to assure that they are perfectly dry.

Next, the items must be coated with a degreasing agent that will help prevent corrosion. The items are set out and a high-powered gun is used to spray the powder coating onto them, and then they are placed in an oven at very hot temperatures in order to melt the paint bits. After being heated, the powder coating hardens and becomes a much more durable coating than simple paint. Powder coating can be done in nearly any color.

Industrial painting for large items is also done with different types of coatings. Aluminum flakes can be mixed with regular paint to give the finished object a metallic looking finish. The paint helps protect the metal, but the aluminum paint still keeps it looking like metal. The aluminum flakes strengthen the regular paint, allowing the painted item to withstand much hotter temperatures than just paint.

Items made of steel can be painted with a zinc-based coat. This acts as a protective coat against scratches and environmentally induced weathering. Zinc and aluminum are also both used in certain situations as a thermal spray. A thermal spray, or flamed spray as they are often called, is a protective coating that is heated to its melting point as it is being sprayed onto the item.

Like powder coating, the process of a melted substance being put on as a coat and then being allowed to harden gives the items a more protective coating than simple painting. This is very important for ships that are constantly being exposed to water and all different types of weather.

There are many ways to protect metal items and keep them working well and looking great. These types of coatings and ways of protecting items are often used in industrial settings, but can be used for personal items as well. Cars, metal storage sheds, and many other household items can be protected with these special techniques and coatings.

Since 1987 Vanwin Coatings has been providing quality Virginia Beach VA sandblasting services for Military, Industrial and Commercial applications. In an Industrial plant, Aboard a Navy Ship, or sandblasting, painting or powder coating in our shop, Vanwin gives you the best possible coating solution for your application.

is it possible to powder coat one wheel two different colors?

i want to get my wheels powder coated with black on the outside face of the wheel and red inside. can you get wheels powder coated two different colors?

umm yes, hello, talk to a professional and yep

Eastwood’s Powder Coating on My Classic Car

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