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Prefab log homes are a superb idea for anyone wishing to enjoy the life of owning and living in a log cabin home. To explain what these are exactly, they are those which are comprised of materials, in whole or in most part, that are all individually crafted in a factory. These can be thought of as “log cabin kits”, with each and every log that would assemble the house being created in shape according to its individual placement within the structure of the finished home, clearly marked accordingly, and the whole lot is then transported unassembled to the building site. This allows for systematic ease and simplicity of construction.

The beauty of this idea which appeals the most to those who dream of having such a home, is that with prefab log homes, having all of the pieces made in advance and shipped to be immediately pieced together can represent a huge saving of both time and money. It’s a bit like receiving a wooden puzzle, with cheat notes to show precisely where everything goes, and what fits with what. Everything necessary to build the home arrives on site; doors, windows, flooring, as well as built-in structures in most cases, such as cabinetry. Everything having been pre-manufactured according to set plans allows for lower cost in building materials, as well as both less time and more simplicity of piecing everything all together on site. With everything pre-cut and pre-shaped as required, what might otherwise have taken months may now take mere weeks.

Now, picture this – with constructing the individual logs to fit into place on site, as each successive piece comes into play, a great deal of time is eaten up and trial and error is involved in piecing everything together, as pieces are created and fitted into each other one at a time. Also, the more time that is needed in construction, the more opportunity for things like on-site weather conditions exist to slow things down further. Why take months when all that is really needed is weeks? With prefab log homes, these log cabin kits can be systematically pieced together with most of the work having already been done before it even arrives on site, plain and simple.

Some may assume that the concept of prefab log homes or log home kits necessarily means a “cookie-cutter” approach to log home building, where there are identical homes that look exactly alike everywhere that they are built. This is just simply not the case. While certain set plans and designs exist, there is still a lot of room for changes here and there in such plans in order to conform to anyone’s individual personalities and tastes, particularly due to the interlocking piece types being prefabricated and interchangeable. Some may also assume that prefabricated pieces would necessarily mean cheap or inferior quality materials and lack of attention to detail. This also is a misconception as any amount of research into various companies which provide this service on this subject would show. Asking questions of those who manufacture log home kits will result in a wealth of information for those who seek it.

The beauty of a log home is something that must be experienced first-hand – the beauty of rustic nature that can be observed in a log cabin built from a pre-cut log home kit is something that really must be seen to be appreciated. If you’d like to find more information on this, take a look at this video showing a few prefab log homes, and check out all of the information to be had at

Where can I get painted Hardboard or MDF pre cut into certain sizes on the Internet?

I realised that B&Q offer a cutting service, but would prefer to do it on the internet as it requires certain sizes to make a cupboard in my kitchen. Is anyone able to help?

dont think your gunna get it over the net mate, shipping would cost a bomb mate.
if your worried bout getting the measurements wrong get someone to help you and do it till you are sure they are right the have them cut at B&Q or i think WICKES does it as well and as for painting it mate that will take no time at all to do your self mate.

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