Pre Stretched

11 years ago

Pre Stretched
Pre Stretched

When using the ‘wet-on-wet’ painting technique can I use the pre-stretched canvas available in most art shops?

These are usually already coated with at least 2 layers of gesso. Can I start immediately by then coating this with liquid white as used by Bob Ross and other wet-on-wet painters? Sometimes Bob Ross has coated his canvas with an acrylic paint. Can anyone explain why he sometimes coats with one thing and on others with something else?

Using this technique, must the painting be finished in one session or could it be left part way through until the next day? Thanks.

Yes. Prestreched canvasses are ready for anything.

Acrylic paint dries fast and gives you a quick under-painting that will be ready to do a ‘wet in wet’ on after 10 to 30 minutes.

Paintings ‘should’ be done in one session. As a rule it still is wet enough to do some touch ups the next day but it just is that moment you are trying to capture when you do a ‘Bob’.

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