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Prismacolor Art
Prismacolor Art

Prismacolor of Blick art markers?

I have a set of 12 prismacolor markers, which I LUVLUVLUV, and wanted to get a few more for christmas. should I buy an additional pack of those and some individual greys, or a 48 pack of BLICK art markers, which work the same but only have 2 nib sizes, and are much cheaper? It’s my impression that they’re essentially the same, but just wanted to check. THanks!

Hi Hannah,

The Blick Studio Markers are very similar to the Prismacolor Markers, even in the fact that they can achieve varying line widths with the two tips. Depending on how you hold the marker and apply the tip to your substrate you can achieve the same width variations with the Blick Studio Markers that you can with the Prismacolor Markers. For instance, with the chisel tip you can get a large broad stroke and two different medium widths and with the bullet tip you can you can actually get two different stroke sizes depending on if you use the tip or the side of the nib. Both markers are alcohol based and are very fluid. There are colorless blenders for shading techniques available for both brands as well. The best part is that they will work well together. Therefore, I would suggest you get the set of 48 Blick Markers and possibly add some additional Prismacolor markers in the colors that the Blick brand does not have. This way you will save some money and have a really nice range of colors.

You can find the Blick Studio Markers here:

and the Prismacolor here:

You might also be interested to know that Prismacolor is currently offering a rebate. You can find more information here:,2

If you have any additional questions or would like to discuss products, you can always contact the Blick Art Materials Product Information Staff 800-933-2542.

Thank you,
Blick Art Materials

Mixed Media Art- Prismacolor Marker and Color Pencil, Oil Paint and Photoshop

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