Punch Needle

9 years ago

Punch Needle
Punch Needle

inner conch question needle/punch?

i want to get my inner conch pierced, but i ve read that punching is better. i would prefer to just get it pierced with a hollow needle. would it be okay to get it pierced at an 8g and not get a punch? i would get it pierced at a smaller size, but i don’t want to stretch it because i’ve read that’s a B****. i guess if 8g is too big, i’d be willing to get a 10g and stretch later.
no i ment is it ok to get i piercced at thta size because i don’t want to get it punched andi don’t want anything smaller than a 10g

I’ve had mine pierced twice. the first time lasted a year and WOULD NOT HEAL so i took it out, waited six months and got it re-pierced…it healed within a month and I have had no problems..it was pierced with a 12 gage needle both time..the first time they put in a hoop and the second was with a barbel…much better!

Are you sure their piercing it with a 8gage? generally they are done with 12 – 14 gage.

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