Pure Silk

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Pure Silk
Pure Silk

When it comes to sensual lingerie nothing compares to a silk nightgown. Ultra soft on the skin, this luxury ladies sleepwear style is one of most well known night gowns on the market.

Silk is a breathable and natural fabric that has a beautiful sheen. Associated with fine lingerie, some of the more well known silk sleepwear styles include silk nightgowns, silk pajamas and silk robes and come in a multitude of tempting colors, prints and patterns.

Whether you set out to own this sexy nightgown for yourself or give it as a gift, there are some pros and cons to buying a silk nightgown and any silk sleepwear for that matter. Here we will take a look at a few of the pros and cons.

The Pros of a Silk Nightgown

  • Just Breathe – This lightweight intimate apparel is made from natural fibers that allow your skin to breathe. A great way to feel comfortable when you sleep.
  • Durable – Silk may have a delicate look, but it’s actually a tough fabric, and even stronger than cotton. Washing silk sleepwear won’t be too much of a hassle, as the lowest or gentle setting on your machine is best. Air dry naturally and avoid the heat of the dryer which can weaken the fabric.
  • Soft and smooth – Silk nightgowns are famous for being incredibly soft and smooth on the skin. These attributes are what endear so many people to silk fabrics.
  • Great Colors – While some women prefer wearing a basic cotton nightgown to sleep, the color and print patterns for silk are endless. Silk dyes well, yielding a fabric with a vivid color and an elegant gleam. Even after several washes, the colors of your silk sleepwear won’t fade.
  • Tempting Designs – Gone are the days when the choices for ladies sleepwear were limited. Sexy nightgowns or a silk chemise set the stage for romance. While, silk robes are classic and sophisticated.

The Cons of a Silk Nightgown

  • The Shrinking Factor – Because it is a natural material and not a blend, some silk lingerie may shrink after several washes. You may have noticed your pair of women’s silk pajamas emerge slightly shorter after laundering them, or your night gowns may feel a little tighter. A great way to eliminate or minimize this is, when washing your silk nightgown, make sure that you use cool water and mild detergents. Avoid hot water and harsh detergents.
  • Flimsy Frou Frou – Though this feature is more of an advantage, wearing silk nightgowns, silk lingerie or even silk underwear during winter months can be a tad chilly. If this is the case, you might want to put on a cashmere robe or other ladies robes over your nightgown to keep you warm.
  • Expensive – Pure silk tends to be on the expensive side. When cost is a factor in your decision, shopping online can be a great option since there are reasonably priced nightgowns available on websites like Pampered Passions and Her Room. Also, consider a satin nightgown as an affordable alternative.

All in all, the pros of silk nightgowns greatly outweigh the cons. Take your time to discover the many different styles of this sublime womens sleepwear and you’ll understand why it continues to be such a favorite all over the world.

My son only wears pure silk pajamas. What do you wear to bed?

He has very sensitive skin, bless him. Takes after his mummy.

i wear the same thing the queen wears. then i can only drink my evening tea from my periwinkle china before bed.

Pure Silk – Do You Ever Think About Me (reggae lovers rock)

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