Purple Organza

11 years ago

Purple Organza
Purple Organza

I’m a teenager, want a teenagey Moroccon themed bedroom?

My walls are white, have a single bed, black drawers, white built in wardrobe, black TV stand, two purple cutrains with a red curtain in between.

I’m want my room to be teenagey with Moroccon/Arabian touches. I don’t want a full blown out themed room. Just a few or more things will do to achieve this look. For this look, the colors I want to use are red, purple, dark green and gold. Materials organza and silk. I have a purple dreamcatcher but not sure how to use it.

Any tips of hints will definately help! Thanks!

I also want a canopy thingi for my bed, like where the fabrics is bunched up in a hopp over the bed and the ends of the fabric is tied on either side of the bed.

teenage Moroccon themed bedroom

Purple Organza Flower Tutorial – jennings644

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