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11 years ago

Queen Size
Queen Size

How do I convert a queen size mattress into attractive seating in the living room? Please help! Out of ideas?

I prefer low seating, but since it is a queen size mattress (200 cm x 122 cm) it looks a bit odd when I dress it up, just with cushions and pillows (since it is so large).

I have it against a large wall. I want it to look like low seating, while taking the emphasis away from the fact that it is a mattress. I am out of ideas and desperately seeking a solution that is contemporary and economical…

Thank you!

You could get a queen size box spring and put it underneath but do not use a bed frame. Slide it into a corner of the room. Then get large pillows and line them up against the wall with smaller pillows in front. Dress with color coordinating sheets and wallah, there you go.

Just my idea, I think that the box spring would bring just the right height, as my bed has just a box spring and mattress and is perfect sitting height.

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