Quilt Afghan

9 years ago

Quilt Afghan
Quilt Afghan

How much would you pay for a homemade afghan or a simple patch quilt?

I ask this because it seems it would take much longer to make an afghan than a patch quilt for a full sized bed.

Yet, the prices on them seem to differ so much.

“What is the talent worth in price”, I guess is my real question.

(I’m not talking about fancy quilt patterns, just a few alternating color squares)
Well Shoot.. I was thinking of creating presents this year with these two talents I have learned, and was curious about sales prices for later.. but I don’t plan to do anything elaborate in the quilt designs, and I was going to tie bind them, instead of machine… hmmm.. I’m going to go for vite here, and get others opinions on the prices opinions here, since I have never sold any of these before.

Thank You everyone for your information and good luck to all!


Making a Quilt Square

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