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How to enlarge a quilt block?

I need to know how to enlarge a 6″ quilt block to an 18″ or 20″ block. I want to enlarge the block Symmetry in motion. Thanks for any help.Steph

If you are wanting to enlarge the pattern so that you can make an 18 inch block, you have some choices. If you are making an entire quilt you will probably want to enlarge the pattern to the full 18 inches. However, if you are only making one block for something, you may want to enlarge it to 12 or 14 inches and then use some sort of decorative border to bring the block up to size.

There are some pretty good instructions for the original block here. http://www.quilt.com/BlockOfTheMonth/19981999/SymmetryInMotion.html

Old fashioned solution – Once you decide how much to enlarge the block you can take it to a photocopy place and enlarge the basic drawing by that amount. Make 2 or 3 copies. Cut one of the copies apart on the lines, and then lay them on another piece of paper or template plastic and draw around them. Draw a second border all the way around each piece that is 1/4 inch away from the original line. This will be your cutting line. Cut out your templates and fabric pieces and then you can sew them together in the pattern. (The black squares and rectangles indicate the sections to assemble first, and then you can sew the sections together.)

Modern solution – If you want to use the piecing instructions that came with the pattern, you will need to know the rules for quilt piecing measurements. You can probably learn these from this site. I directed you to the most likely menu, but if you don’t find it there, the site has other pages that might help.


Chain Sewing Patches in Quilt Blocks

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