Quilt Squares

11 years ago

Quilt Squares
Quilt Squares

How do you know how big the squares for your quilt should be?

Im making a quilt, and i dont know how big the squares should be. i have 7 different fabrcis, all at 1 yard. I want the quilt to be at least 5.5 feet long by 4.5 feet wide. how big should i cut the squares?

Inches/yards are measurements used for quilting.

You are aiming at a finished quilt that measures 54″x 66″, using 7 yards of fabric.

Cotton fabric/quilter’s cotton is usually 44″ – 45″ wide. You do not use the selvage edges (the thicker, uncut edge) as they will pucker. The selvage edges are only there as a result of the manufacturing process.

One block of each fabric for each row = 7 across and 7 down…..the blocks would be cut at 8 1/4″ x 10″.

The seam allowance for piecing a quilt is 1/4″. This reduces the finished size of each block to 7.75″ wide x 9.5″ long.

7.75″ x 7 = 54.25″
9.5″ x 7 = 66.5″

You will need 49 blocks (7 from each fabric).

For more variety, view quilting magazines for a pattern you like and it will include how much fabric is need as well as the measurements.

These sites may be of help – http://www.sewaquilt.com/quilting-basics.html



Squaring up your Quilt Blocks

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