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11 years ago

Quilting Treasures
Quilting Treasures

Help! I need a name for my Etsy shop asap. Thanks!?

I need help coming up with a fun/cute unique name for my etsy shop. I will sell a variety of things including quilts, pot holders, table runners, aprons, recipe jars, pillowcases, as well as selling some vintage items. I wanted to incorporate the word Lamb possibly, I need it to be something that is good for selling both handmade and vintage items. My only ideas so far are…The Vintage Lamb Shop, Fancy Lamb Designs, JennaLou’s Treasures, but I don’t love any of those. Any thoughts? Thanks so much.

Lamb Of The Detached
Lamb Downfall
Lamb Skill And The Program
Lamb Over Express
Lamb Novice
Lamb Of The Controller
Lamb Homicide And The Hyena
About Lamb
Lamb Cradle And The Donkey
Lamb Of The Drunken Rupture
Lamb Plaque
Lamb Balogna
Lamb Afternoon And The Melting Fame
Roasted Lamb And The Music
Lamb Zucchini
Lamb About Raid
Bloated Lamb
Lamb Shit
Lamb Of The Pity
Muffled Lamb
Lamb Of Mexican
Lamb Of Suspended
Lamb Of Essence
Lamb Juvenile
Lamb Emerald
Lamb Panda
Consumed Lamb
Analog Lamb
Warlock Of Lamb
Lamb Dignity
Musical Lamb And The Thing
Below Lamb
Skanky Lamb
Defined Lamb
Selfless Lamb
Lamb Zeppelin
Lamb Of Dreaded
Down Lamb
Lamb On Triplet
Fancy Lamb


Last Acceptable Magazine Balance (LAMB)
Liberal Apparatus Misfortune Bath (LAMB)
Love Apple Meeting Buddy (LAMB)
Leather Abducted Manner Bargains (LAMB)

…But I couldn’t think of a name with lamb in it.

What is AAQ?

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