Ribbon Satin

11 years ago

Ribbon Satin
Ribbon Satin

I need Diamond white satin ribbon – is Antique white the same thing?

I can’t seem to find diamond white satin ribbon online, I do find white and ivory and antique white – is this the same??? I have a diamond white wedding dress and want to match it.
Actually diamond white is between white and ivory. pure white is whiter. that’s why i was thinking maybe antique white would be close???
We’re going with ivory in everything else since it clashes less than white white. Thanks!

no, they are not the same thing. diamond white is generally the purest form of white you can get, and antique white usually has a bit of a yellow color to it (think of the way antique books pages start to turn yellow, thats kinda where the name comes from)

dont look online, you will want to be able to see the ribbon before you buy it so you know you are getting the right thing. start looking at every fabric and craft store in your area.

Simple Satin Scrunchy Ribbon

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