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10 years ago

Rico Seaglass
Rico Seaglass

Life in Cambria, California is simple, slow and easy. I spent a lot of time in the south which is labeled as being laid back but Cambria is far more laid back than any town in the south.

Cambria is located on Hwy 1 about 30 miles north San Luis Obispo, California the home of Cal-Poly University. There is no place on earth like Cambria. The little community is known for its art, fine dining and wonderfully unique shops. In fact, my wife runs Cambria Wildwood which is known as the largest hat store west of the Rockies.

The number one attraction in our area is the famous Hearst Castle. However, there is much more to the area. We have great hiking trails, Sea Lions and Moonstone Beach.

Moonstone Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Central Coast. A walk on Moonstone Beach is like heaven. You are surround by the sound of sea gulls chirping and waves crashing onto the rocky shore line. On occasion you can see a whale spout on the horizon. You can also hunt for sea glass and other treasures from the sea.

Life in Cambria is a blessing and a tremendous joy. I love this area and I sure you will have a great time vacationing in this unique part of the Central Coast of California. Make sure to bring a jacket; even in the summer the temperature is a little cool. Most people in the area don’t even have an air conditioner.

Another great part about Cambria is it only a few miles from the Central Coast Wine Country. If you love the art of wine tasting Cambria has some great wine tasting events.

Hope to see you in Cambria very soon.

Bob is interested in travel and loves to write about the Central Coast of California. You can find many of his articles on http://www.central-coast-travel.com

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