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12 years ago

Rods Lampworking
Rods Lampworking

Why does Paypal keep losing my online shopping cart?

I’ve been trying to order a shipment of glass from and for some reason Paypal keeps dropping my order from the shopping cart. What happens is I’ll be adding items like I normally do and (randomly as far as I can tell) I’ll add one more item and the shopping will lose all the other items I’ve been adding except for the one I just added. It’s getting really annoying because this is going to be like a $100.00 shipment of $2-$5 items. Any help you can offer will be appreciated, thank you.
Additional info:
This is the biggest order I’ve gotten so far.
I’m mostly ordering glass rods for lampworking, but I do have a few marvers and whatnot.
It’s not an issue with money in the Paypal account, I know for a fact that I have more than $500.00 in there.
P.S. This is not my first order from this website, I’ve bought stuff before and not had a problem.

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