Rose Swags

12 years ago

Rose Swags
Rose Swags

ladies, would this work?

im 17 and im goin on my second date w/ this 20 yr old 2maro. right before i drop her off at home i’m gonna turn Anytime Anyplace (janet jackson) and rap to the beat.

“i can tell in your eyes that u notice me 2. single life great but the coldest be 2. on my poetry ish and im like the roses b blue. dont happen much but my is mind blownin wit u. you got ya model swag all these other girl tyra aints. i have no time for fakes. i keep mind in banks, but u make it hard so i gotta make my line with paint. like his and her side, but it’s all yours (put my hand on her cheek). catchin all my throws u might need the ball more. you real fancy like a certain ketchup and liquor. night went smooth might mess up and kiss her…..(kiss her duh)”
btw when we first met this is how i caught her attention (she asked me to make a rap for her)

Unless you are eminem i don’t think it would work!

Derrick Rose #Swag HD

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