Roses Shabby

10 years ago

Roses Shabby
Roses Shabby

Girls Got Crushes Too — if you’ve been in love, answer this q ;)?

Every dick, john and harry
would be happy to be married
to me
but i’ve got an eye on you
with shabby jeans
loose Ts
you send my heart soaring
to unknown places
can’t show this feeling
with words or pictures
only described
as well as I can
kinda like jazz
the blues will get you feeling
something unreal
and its indescribable
just like this crush
turned into love

So we’ll walk
then stand
hold each other so close
kiss me baby
can’t close these eyes
have to see the roses
bloom in our space
as angels sing
when we exchange
soul and heart

hope you enjoyed 😀

Love love love the last stanza. I can feel that. And I want to see those roses bloom … *sigh*

How to Paint a beautiful Shabby Rose

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