Round Beads

9 years ago

Round Beads
Round Beads

My Toddler has a jelly like round beads in her stool?

Today I changed my daughter’s diaper (my daughter is 13 months) and it was extremely weird. It was a reddish poop but there were soft jelly like beads in it, they are almost similar to the way that silicone beads look like. I am just very concerned, I have never seen anything like that and we just moved so I don’t have a pediatrician to ask at the moment. She is milk-protein intolerant and is on a lactose and dairy free milk at the moment. Can anyone help me get some answers? I’m worried that her body isn’t processing something correctly. Thanks=0)
I had just changed her diaper before she pooped so I don’t think it could be the lining in the diaper.

Was her diaper more full than usual? It could just be some of the diaper lining, which has a jelly like bead appearance. It the lining gets overly saturated, it tends to leak out onto the skin.

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