Round Cat

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Round Cat
Round Cat

If your cat is sneezing it may mean that the cat has a cold or a respiratory illness. If the cat has a illness it may be viral, bacterial, or fungal in nature. Each of these three causes will require a unique treatment which can be done by your vet. It is important that you don’t do any treatments on your cat without talking to a veterinarian first.

Cats can be sneezing as a response to several different things. Like humans they can be effected by strong chemicals or even tobacco smoke. Each cat shows different responses and sensitivities to different chemicals and allergens. Flat faced breeds of cat are usually far more sensitive to exposure of chemicals. If your cat has a sneezing problem your suspects should be perfume, household cleaners, insecticides and many other things.

If your cat has allergies, this may be the reason why it is sneezing. Like humans, cats can be allergic to many different things. Such as grasses, trees, and pollens. These will be seasonal allergies, so if the cat has allergies all year round you may need to suspect a different allergen may be causing their atopy allergy. If you are unable to figure out what is causing your cats allergies you can have a vet do allergy testing.

There are many other significantly more uncommon causes of a cat’s sneezing. These include nose polyps, cancer and ear infection. If you have any indication that any of these are the case then bring the animal to a veterinarian clinic for a diagnosis. The cat could also have just a mild cold. Dental problems may also be a cause of a cat’s sneezing. If a cat has a tooth abscess or an infection on its upper teeth, it can cause the cat to sneeze. Again, only a vet cat determine if this is the case.

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cat meds, what works on round worms and preventing them?

I have 2 snowshoe Siamese cats. I got them a couple of months back. Both have been to the vet and have all the shots. But one has round worms, I saw it yesterday in the cat box. I need to know what cat meds work the best on killing and preventing worms? Yes both inside cats.
what medicine do you use on your cat ? heartguard, interceptor,revolution, etc ?
I’m talking about the parasite round worm not the fungus. There are two species of roundworms affecting cats and kittens: Toxocara cati and Toxascaris leonina.

Advantage Multi takes care of roundworms, ticks, fleas, ear mites and hookworms. It is in a little tube that you put on the your cats shoulder blades once a month. Used it in my 4 month old kittens and it got rid of their ear mites. You have to get it from the vet though.

Cat fight round 2/4

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