Round Gemstone

12 years ago

Round Gemstone
Round Gemstone

Looking for someone who knows something about jewelery (rings)?

Need expert advice on a price for a Ring…?
item Ring

material 14K White gold
Contains 58.5% Pure gold

total item weight 8.5g
~ 0.27oz

total gemstone carat weight 3.69ctw
~ 0.12oz

gemstone info:

gemstone Genuine aquamarine
In ancient times it was thought to be capable of preserving Youth and Health. Symbolizes Peace and Tranquility

quantity/ctw 7/2.91ctw
~ 0.582g

shape oval

color icy sky blue

gemstone info:

gemstone diamond
The Most Brilliant of the gemstones. Diamond jewelry is Treasured as a symbol of Everlasting Love and Perfection

quantity/ctw 0.78ctw
~ 0.156g

shape round

color I
Slightly Tinted White

clarity I2
Visible Natural Characteristics

Other Information:

width 19 mm

height 6 mm

gender ladies

ring size US-6.5 / EU-13.16

I paid $238.00 but it retails for much much more…. I’m just looking for opinions to see if this ring really is worth what they said, and to see if it was worth 238. or more

It is truly impossible to say without being to see the ring. Most jewlery stores will give you an eyeball appraisal for nothing.

Nicky Butler Checkerboard-Cut Oval and Round Gemstone St…

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