Round Glass

11 years ago

Round Glass
Round Glass

what kinds of fish are good to keep in a round glass bowl (7in diameter)?

i heard that it’s terrible to keep a goldfish in it (even a small one??), so i was wondering what kind of fish i can keep in it,

BESIDES a betta fish, because those are too boring for me

the only fish that can happily be kept in a bowl:

please note, bettas are tropical fish and do NOT live in puddles so they do not appreciate bowls. bowls can’t really be heated, and room temp is too cold. as such, bettas are not suitable for bowls (yes… they will survive but they will NOT thrive).

goldfish get waaay huge (even the smallest ones get to be 6″ not including tails) and produce a ton of waste. even the smallest ones will need a bare minimum of 10g of highly filtered water each to have a full lifespan.

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