Rowney Cryla

8 years ago

Rowney Cryla
Rowney Cryla

Can somene tell me what Gel retarder for acrylic paints is?

i got this acrylic paint box and dunno what half the stuff is. the make is ‘Rowney cryla’ Does anyone know if this acrylic paint works on fabric also theres this tube and on it it says “titanium white 009 series A permanence” so…….does that just mean white paint 😛

Gel retarder Is a medium that you use so your paint will dry slower, and you have time to blend mix.

Basically it slows the drying process.

Titanium white is just white paint.The main differences between titanium white and zinc or chinese white is that the titanium white is much stiffer and more opaque, where zinc white is much more smoother, but it’s weaker.

And yes acrylic can be used in fabrics, but do not mix any art mediums (such as the gel retarder) expect for textile medium. Which you MUSt use. Is ok, after waiting 24 hours to dry, you can toss the painted fabric in your washer and dryer.

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