Rub Transfers

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Rub Transfers
Rub Transfers

Wallpaper is just so yesterday. Stencils require messy paint and some talent to get right. Faux finishing and custom murals are expensive. So how do you add the look of a custom mural and still stay on a budget? Discover rub on mural transfers! Highly detailed, full color mural artwork is printed on transfer sheets so all you need to do is rub it on the wall. Seams are a thing of the past. These dry rub transfers are so thin that they incorporate into your wall like paint. Removal? No problem, simply prime and paint over just like you would a custom mural!

There are also plenty of great vinyl removable wall products out there, like Fatheads, which mainly focus on sports figures. These are more like a vinyl sticker. There are even wall word companies that specialize in quotes for your walls. These are a great product also, but again, they are cut from vinyl and are usually a single color or two. If you are looking for the full color, highly detailed look of a custom mural though, nothing can beat the look and affordability of mural transfers! These are not vinyl, but an ink transfer coated lightly with an adhesive that easily transfers to your wall by rubbing…like a wall tattoo!

Mural transfers are just the non-toxic inks printed right on the transfer paper. They rub onto your wall as thin as a coat of paint. They are printed in full color with every brush stroke and shadow visible. This makes it look like someone came and painted directly on your wall!

There are just a few companies specializing in this mural product, but they can be found by a simple Google search using wall transfers or mural transfers as key words. You will find children’s murals carried by most of the mural transfer companies, but a few companies also carry mural elements like wrought iron, mosaic borders, ivy and vine that can be used to create anything you would like! Simply cut the elements out and arrange on your wall. Wrought iron creates a headboard for only around $65 or an over the door embellishment for $25. Intertwine your wrought iron with some ivy for a unique, one of a kind conversation piece. Everyone will ask you for the name of your muralist!

Tuscan elements, trompe l’oeil designs, architectural elements, wrought iron, mosaic designs, unique border elements and fun kids murals, like paisley, striped and polka dot butterflies or brightly colored balloons are among some of the choices you will find. Mural transfers offer a unique way to decorate your home and bring a personal touch to your walls at an affordable price.

Author: Carol Reynolds
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How can I put words on plain wood? Like as a peel off style or transfer? Any ideas…Thanks?

I have seen like 2X’s decorated with “country home” or cute sayings on them it looks like the words have been put there with a rub on transfer or some kind of transfer , any ideas how this is done or with what? Thanks

You are right it must have been a rub off transfer. Find the words, rub them
onto the surface and then seal with
a finish. I would use satin finish myself.

Blick Presents: Grafix Rub-Onz Transfer Film

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